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Hey there, I’m Chris, a digital artist with a captivating passion for design, no matter whether for still or motion imagery, proudly based in Frankfurt. STAY with me and dive into my references for a glimpse of my work, or connect with me on LinkedIn and Xing to explore the creative journey together.



2001 until 2011

Decades of Advertising Mastery: My Expertise in Digital Media, Traditional Advertising, CRM, Dialogue Marketing, and Design.

My career journey spans across national and international agencies, where I’ve held the esteemed role of Creative Director. Notably, my tenure for Marlboro Motorsport International, working closely for many years with the legendary Scuderia Ferrari Formula One Team and Ducati MotoGP Team, catapulted me into diverse markets on different continents, enriching my global perspective.

For 1.5 years, I was intensively engaged with both teams, working out of Rome and Milan, Italy. During this time, I also established a new motorsport team, complementing our existing operations in Frankfurt.

Taking the leap from employee to self-employed creative has ushered in a new era of limitless possibilities, allowing me to collaborate with a wide array of clients and agencies on innovative and creative projects.


2011 until today

Embarking on a freelance journey opened the doors to boundless creative opportunities and projects. My extensive background in the advertising industry paved the way for exciting new experiences, including a stint as an interim freelance Creative Director with one of Germany’s premier CRM and Dialogue Agencies, serving both national and international clients.

In addition to collaborating with agencies, I’ve ventured into building direct client relationships. Over the years, I’ve proudly nurtured a robust client base, a testament to the enduring partnerships and trust I’ve cultivated.


2015 until now

Stepping forward with the Power of Moving Images.

In 2015, I redirected my focus towards the captivating world of moving images, a passion that originally ignited during my studies in Communication and Arts in Hamburg. As the demand for compelling video content continued to surge in the marketing landscape, I eagerly dove back into the realm of filming and the intricate world of post-production.

Today, I would consider myself a ‘Creative Content Creator’ and serve as a ‘Creative Producer’ within film production houses around Frankfurt. This transition has been marked by remarkable success, driven by my extensive expertise in the creative industry. From crafting innovative concepts and engaging storytelling to shaping unique design languages, I’ve contributed my creative touch to a multitude of projects that stand as a testament to my commitment to excellence.


A vibrant collection of creativity and skill in design. This collection represents a blend of innovation and artistry across various forms of design, from digital masterpieces to captivating print works. Each project reflects a commitment to aesthetic excellence and a keen understanding of client needs, pushing the boundaries of traditional design.


Creative Creator

#concept & idea #graphic & digital design #CRM- and Dialogue marketing #creative producing #filming and post-production #teamplayer

Concept and Campaigning
Strategic Ideation and 360° campaigns 90%
Crafting Cutting-Edge Designs
Print, Digital and Motion 95%
Content Creator
Moving Images and Storytelling 90%
Creative Producing
Concept for film and producing 90%
Visual creation through the lens 90%
From editing to final movie 90%


Adobe Suite Graphic
Graphic Design and Photoshop 90%
DaVinci Resolve & Premiere Pro
Editing and more 90%
Motion Design
After Effects 55%
Keynote & PowerPoint
Presentation and more 90%
Wordpress & Elementor
Websites digital content 80%
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